Macfarlane Technology Offers The Most Complete  Telerobotic Repair Services Anywhere

Macfarlane Technology provides repairs for virtually any telerobotic component, including actuators, position sensors, valves, servo valves, PCB’s, cylinders and power units. We serve all industries, large or small. When a part is obsolete or beyond repair/reconditioning, our in-house machine shop can reduce cost and create fast turnaround by manufacturing replacements that meet or exceed OEM specs.

We arrange pick up and delivery of your equipment

Fully qualified technicians complete an evaluation 

Client  quotation generated for the repair

Client authorises the repair or service to go ahead


Service work and full testing carried out together with report

Completed and delivered back to client 

We perform extensive tests to ensure that every repaired Manipulator meets or exceeds OEM specifications.

 Call us with your repair questions—we’ve got the answers. Contact us now  +44 (0)1224 226-990

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