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The company through senior management is fully committed to achieving the highest standards in client service, staff welfare and training. The framework for achieving this is detailed as part of the documented Quality Management System and is based on the strategic direction of the company and ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

This quality policy which is appropriate to the purpose and context of the company has the approval and commitment of the Managing Director and its implementation is the responsibility of all staff whose efforts will be co-ordinated by the General Manager as the designated Quality Management representative for the company.

MTL will:

a) Aim to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system, by regular review of its performance and identification of areas for further development; these will be incorporated as target actions in management meeting minutes and where necessary included within quality objectives.

b) Comply with requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and any other applicable customer, statutory or regulatory requirements.

c) Achieve operational excellence in the provision of company services.

d) Meet and where possible exceed the needs and expectations of our customers and other stakeholders.

e) Establish, implement, review and where necessary update quality objectives, which are consistent with the aims and intent of this policy.

f) Fully involve, empower and develop all staff to use their abilities for the achievement of company quality objectives.

g) The policy will be made available to relevant interested parties


The company is fully committed to achieving the highest occupational health and safety (OH&S) standards. The framework for achieving this is detailed as part of the documented OH&S Management System based on ISO 45001:2018 requirements.

This occupational health and safety policy has the approval and commitment of the Managing Director and its implementation is the responsibility of all workers whose efforts will be co-ordinated by the General Manager who will ensure that it is relevant and appropriate to the scope of company activities.

MTL will:

a) Be fully committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work related injury and ill health and continual improvement of the OH&S Management System. This will be achieved by undertaking and communicating regular risk assessments to consider the potential for injury and ill health and hold regular OH&S meetings for the discussion of potential OH&S opportunities for improvements. Taking into consideration currently documented safe systems of work and the need for their further development together with any suggestions or comments received from workers or other interested parties.

b) This policy shall act as a framework for setting the OH & S objectives.

c) Ensure that appropriate OH&S Legislation is monitored and reviewed by the General Manager using external agencies where necessary. The purpose of the review will be to ensure that the company meets or exceeds legislative compliance at all times. Consideration will also be given to ensure compliance with other requirements that relate to its OH&S hazards. Additional OH&S requirements which have an impact on company operations may include any client’s or agency acting on behalf of the client OH&S systems, these will be followed ensuring full compliance at all times.

d) Ensure that wherever practicable to achieve they eliminate hazards and reduce risks. OH&S Risk Assessments which are appropriate to the nature and scale of the organisation’s OH&S risks are fully detailed describing the hazards, risks, controls and further actions required to mitigate or remove the risk. That such risk assessments are regularly reviewed to ensure that they remain valid within the defined scope of its OH&S management system and are appropriate to the nature and scale of operational activities taking account of client and associated contractor needs.

e) Ensure that adequate resources are provided to allow for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the safety management system together with full compliance to appropriate legislation.

f) Ensure that the OH&S policy is fully documented, implemented and maintained by the General Manager who will provide for full consultation and participation of workers; through workers OH&S management system training to ensure that workers are made aware of their opportunity for consultation and participation regarding the OH & S policy and broader OH&S management system content and that the policy is fully communicated through the company’s IT system

g) Require that the OH&S policy be reviewed periodically by the General Manager and other workers to ensure that it remains relevant to the needs and expectations of the company and other interested parties. That it is available to interested parties through the company website

h) Consider the impact of significant risks when setting and reviewing OH&S Objectives. Plan OH&S performance improvement in accordance with currently documented OH&S objectives details being managed by the use of an OH&S management programme assigning responsibilities and schedule.


In following its commitment to provide for the design, manufacture, assembly and supply of ROV manipulator replacement parts and provision of ROV manipulator equipment servicing the company have recognised the importance of its environmental responsibilities; consequently the company have produced this policy statement to act as a framework for developing environmental objectives and targets in an effort to focus its intention of continuous sustainable environmental improvement to enhance environmental performance.

This Environmental policy and its implementation is the responsibility of all staff.

MTL will:

a) Place the minimisation of corporate environmental impacts as a recognised and fully understood corporate priority and will endeavour to protect the environment from harm and degradation including the prevention of pollution.

b) Fully understand the requirements of all its compliance obligations which relate to its environmental impacts. Where appropriate meet or exceed the requirements of such applicable compliance obligations.

c) Promote the adoption of energy efficient methods in undertaking its business activities to reduce energy usage in line with energy policy and environmental objectives

d) Reduce the impact of transport operations by organising vehicle routing to minimise distance travelled and where possible organising direct deliveries from suppliers.

e) Ensure the adoption and management of the company’s environmental procurement policy with the intent of minimising related environmental impacts when procuring on behalf of clients.

f) Provide the necessary training and motivation for employees, to allow a full understanding of the company’s environmental policy and ensure that they can contribute to its implementation.

g) Encourage the development of an environmentally responsible attitude by suppliers and customers.

h) Where significant hazards are identified, develop and maintain a plan and procedures for emergency preparedness.

i) Monitor and reduce the waste generated by the company, promote recycling and reuse or disposal with minimal environmental impact. Generally recognise the need to prevent pollution in all its undertakings.

j) Maintain an environmental management system to manage the company’s environmental activities and conduct regular environmental audits to assess compliance and identify areas for continual improvement of the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.

k) Adopt an attitude of openness towards staff and other stakeholders, informing them of the company’s environmental policy and recognising any legitimate concerns they may wish to express about the company’s position on environmental matters.

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